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Our Services

Jackson Drilling Services, LLC. provides water well drilling and pump services throughout Central Oklahoma. See below for a complete list of services or call (405) 223-5857 for more information.   For your convenience, we are available 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.
  1. Water Well Drilling
    Jackson Drilling Services, LLC. drills and cases water wells up to and exceeding the standards of the OWRB. Call (405) 223-5857 for more information regarding well depth and water volume in your area.
  2. Pump Service & Installation
    Jackson Drilling Services offers quality submersible pump service & installation. We service all makes and models of submersible pumps, providing you with a "one stop shop" for all of your water well needs.
  3. Water Softners
    Install a water softening system to help alleviate issues caused by hard water. Hard water can cause problems such as odors, bad taste, spots on dishes and clogged pipes. Call today for more information.
  4. Pressure Tank Installation
    We install and service any brand of pressure tank. Whether you are planning ahead or need service immediately, we can help.
  5. Solar Well Pumps
    Pump water from your well using energy captured from the sun. Call us for more information about solar-powered submersible well pumps.
  6. Well Abandonment
    When well rehabilitation cannot restore water quality and water quantity to acceptable levels, well abandonment may be necessary. We can help.
  7. Well Housing
    Jackson Drilling Services, LLC. can custom build a well house for you in order to keep pressure tanks, water lines, and electrical components out of the harsh Oklahoma weather.
  8. Trenching
    Jackson Drilling Services, LLC. also provides trenching services, perfect for water line and electrical line installation.
  9. Well Rehabilitation
    There are numerous causes of poor and deteriorating well performance. Jackson Drilling Services, LLC. will work to restore a water well to its most efficient condition with various treatments. Call us today for more information.
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